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A Product Review For Guys: The Shaving Foam & After-Shave Fluid by Avène

January 27, 2013

This review is for the guys out there!

My boyfriend Oliver, who’s normally very indifferent to skincare, has agreed to help me write a review on these two quintessential grooming products for men: the shaving foam and the after shave.

I bought these Avène products for Oliver— ahem, correction, I swooped down on these Avène products when I saw that they were on sale because I thought Oliver could make good use of them.

Allow me to explain something… when Oliver shaved, his face and neck would always end up looking like a murder scene! I mean, it was a real bloody mess— especially his neck. Maybe it was the fact that he just always rushed through shaving. Or maybe it was the fact that he often bought his shaving cream from the grocery store and he never used after-shave. Either way, I wanted to find him something that would help him because all that blood from his shaving was just too awful to look at (I might have been more bothered about it than he was). Anyway, I was happy to find this Shaving Foam and After-Shave Fluid by Avène.

Avène is a very popular French skincare brand made by dermatologists. And by popular, I mean it’s everywhere. You can find it in every pharmacy here in France. The brand is synonymous with the Avène thermal waters used in all of its products, which has soothing properties to alleviate skin problems like inflammation and irritation.

Now let’s have a look at these products shall we? And then we’ll get to what Oliver and I thought of them.

Avène Shaving Foam & After-Shave Fluid For Men

Avène Shaving Foam (200 ml)

The Avène Shaving Foam is a light and creamy foam for sensitive to normal skin. Along with being paraben-free, it is hypoallergenic and non-comodogenic. Its purported benefits are the following: it contains triclosan, which is an antibacterial and antifungal agent, to purify the skin and decrease the bacterial risk from micro-cuts. It contains glycerin to moisturize and soften the upper layers of the skin. And of course, it contains the soothing, softening properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water in order to give skin a real feeling of comfort.
Usual price: 11 €

Avène After-Shave Fluid (75 ml)

The Avène After-Shave Fluid is a lightweight fluid used to help soothe irritation instantly and prevent bacterial risks from micro-cuts. The product is also paraben-free, hypoallergenic and non-comodogenic. Other purported benefits are that it repairs skin damaged from shaving, moisturizes the skin, controls sebum production and soothes the skin. It’s formulated for sensitive to normal skin.
Usual Price: 16.4 €

Avène Shaving Foam

Avène After-Shave Fluid

Avène Shaving Foam


Oliver’s thoughts:

The shaving foam is good consistency, not too liquid. The smell is subtle, almost indistinguishable… enough to suggest cleanliness and freshness. The foam gives me a smooth feeling while I’m shaving. It doesn’t overwhelm the razor and clog it, it’s solid enough to stick to the face and light enough to pass through the blades so you can get to your face and get to the hairs.

After I finish shaving, my face feels very fresh and clean. But not in an artificial way. Not like when you have toothpaste and it smells overwhelmingly pepperminty and you know they just loaded it with that smell and sensation–and you know it’s fake. But I like the smell and the feeling that I get from this foam. I get a fresh clean sensation with minimal to no stinging. The shaving foam starts the hydration process, which is then followed up by the aftershave.

The aftershave increases the real fresh sensation even more. The smell is slightly stronger, but still not overwhelming… just enough to suggest cleanliness. The aftershave hydration is great and reduces stinging if the skin happens to get nicked by the blade.

Overall, both products do the job well. It helps avoid cuts and harsh razor contact with the skin and also feels really hydrating for the skin.

My Thoughts:

You know, it has been a while since I last saw Oliver with blood streaming down his neck!

I do like the fact that these products leave him with a nice fresh smell, without the gross musky scent often used in men’s products which I find so offensive. It’s a clean smell, with just a light hint of masculinity.

The negative aspect of these Avène products is that they contain some questionable ingredients, like propane which can cause irritation and triclosan which may have toxic side effects like allergies and endocrine disruption.

While these Avène products are a real upgrade from the grocery store products that Oliver had been using, I am going to keep my eye out for other shaving products for men that contain less dubious ingredients. Hopefully, we’ll find some products that are clean, safe and will do as good of a job at helping Oliver get that clean, comfortable and blood-free shave.


So now, over to you my readers. I want to know…

If you’re a guy, what do you look for in shaving products? And if you’re a girl, would you buy these products for your dude?

p.s. I’m just bluffing in that photo. I didn’t shave my face, but I did get a tingly feeling from the foam! :p


7 thoughts on “A Product Review For Guys: The Shaving Foam & After-Shave Fluid by Avène

  1. The Girls On Fire

    Hello ! You know how much I love Avene !! 🙂
    Too Fun your photos !!! ;D

    I Know this products because I have buy them for my ex boyfriend and they are good. But, like you said, there is some bad ingredients.
    You can find some very good and natural products for men on Iherb (like the cream shave I have buy for me !!) and they are not expensive. Look here :


    It’s in english and a very serious e-shop. I have a code for reduction if you want : tell me before you buy.

    1. Kareen

      Hey!! Yeah, Haha, there were even goofier photos of me with the shaving cream on but I wouldn’t dare to show them here! 😀 I think it’s funny how women are the ones who usually have to find good skincare products for their boyfriends, since guys will just buy whatever happens to be the cheapest. As for Avène, it is a good brand, I think their products are very good at what they do. But I would prefer products with ingredients that are… less sketchy. Aaand, I really need to get on iherb!! You’ve been telling me about it, so I will go have a look right away. Thanks for reminding me! bizzz <3

  2. The Girls On Fire

    Ooooh .. you should show them !! ;D
    Yeah, I know .. men are .. men and totally OUT in skincare !!!

    Okay : let me know for iherb what you select : there is an offer now, for 3 days only : -6% if you buy 60$ or more : I think I’ m going to buy !!! ;D It’s a great eshop.

    Tell me before you buy !! Want to know what you choose : there is sooooo much products that I’m always totally lost :O

  3. Lina

    ohhhhh i’ve just found this after looking for a new aftershave for the boy! i loooove avene for myself but i didnt even realise that they also did men products! god im really glad you blogged about this. he’s been using this (not so great smelling) chanel aftershave but it’s irritating his skin so much and i just cant cope with his constant whinging about his skin anymore.



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