My Top Three Beauty Resolutions For 2013

December 31, 2012

When it comes to habits that could improve my life, I could write pages and pages of things that I need to do  in 2013. But this wouldn’t actually be a very effective way of getting things done. Nope, nope. The best way to actually Get Things Done!… is to just pick a few things. And then focus on them.

I practice this simple habit on an everyday basis: I pick three important things I need to do. I write them down. And I do them. This doesn’t mean that I don’t get anything else done. It just means that I keep my focus on these three things that are most important to me.

I also pick out my New Year resolutions in this same way. But this year is going to be a different. In addition to picking out three new New Year resolutions as I normally do, I am also making a separate set of resolutions!!

These resolutions revolve around the themes of Beauty and improving my overall physical well-being.

So here they are!

1.) Improving Posture.

This one’s tough! I say this because it’s something I’ve been working on for a while now, admittedly in a haphazard manner. As a person who stands at a looming 4’11, having better posture for me could mean gaining one more inch to my height! Which could mean breaking into the world of 5′ tall people. Hah, finally!

Seriously though, having good posture is so important for beauty and health. This is true for anyone, man or woman. Because having better posture not only makes you look younger and more confident, it will actually make you feel it too. And over time, it will help to avoid back complications. So improving posture is first on my list.

2.) Decreasing Sugar Intake.

Sugar is killing me. Sweetly and silently. I’m not just talking about the sugar crashes and my highly fluctuating waistline. I’m saying that when sugar is broken down in my body through the process of glycation, it causes inflammation and creates free radicals–making me age faster and more susceptible to diseases like cancer.

Although I can’t completely cut sugar out of my life (come on, let’s be serious), I am going to do my DARNDEST to cut down on the refined sugar that comes from breads, cakes and pastries. And if you’ve ever been to France and walked into one of their bakeries, then you already know the ridiculously unfair battle that I have in front of me.

3.) Hair Care For This Bear. 

All year long, I’ve been chirping skincare, skincare, skincare! In the meantime, my hair has become a frizzy,  flipping, flying in your face case of neglect. So for 2013, I resolve to take better care of my hair.

This will mostly mean eating more nutritiously. Because as I have chirped time and time again on this blog–your beauty is what you eat! But also, I am going to start incorporating new things in my hair care routine, such as masks and oil treatments.

So. Will I make good on these resolutions? Stick around to find out. I will be reporting on my progress throughout the year.

What about you, what are your Beauty and Health related New Year resolutions? 

4 thoughts on “My Top Three Beauty Resolutions For 2013

  1. The Girls On Fire

    Good Luck for your resolutions ! I Hope you’ll do it !
    I can’t stop sugar !! If you have a magic solution : tell me !!!
    For your hair, I’m sure you will arrived to do this ! I do every week a “oil mask” and it’s very good !!
    xo xo

    1. Kareen

      Thanks my dear! What oil mask do you use?? There are so many products that I want to try but I am going to start with some inexpensive DIY home recipes first. Gotta watch my beauty budget especially during the soldes!!!

  2. pepperoncina

    I try to improve posture too but it’s quite hard. to decrease sugar is not easy either!
    I want to try to take better care of my skin putting cream in the morning, but I am always cold:)And to learn how to take care of my hair, I am not very good at it…


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