Upcoming Changes For Ziba!

December 7, 2012

I realize how infrequent and sparse my posts have been during the past couple of weeks. And I’m really sorry about this. But there is a reason for why I’ve been so infrequent with my posts. It’s because I’ve been working on what will be some big changes for Ziba. In particular, I’ve been working on a new Ziba blog layout!

Being a blogger is cool in the sense that you really have to be adept at multiple things. First and foremost, you are a writer. So you are always working on improving your writing. But then again, images have a way of expressing things that words cannot. So it also helps to be a decent photographer. And if you want to welcome your readers with a design that complements the aesthetic vision you have for your blog, sometimes it’s better to take the creative reins over your blog’s design and layout.

Of course, being a successful blogger does not in any way require a mastery of website development and graphic design. That’s not what I’m saying at all. But! It just so happens that design and website creation are things I enjoy learning about and doing on my own. This current version of Ziba that you see now is my own work, and I’m very proud of it!

But… it’s time for Ziba to evolve.

There are going to be some big changes taking place at the beginning of next year. And I want my regular readers to be aware of them in advance.

1) Name Change. Ziba By Nature is now going to be just plain and simple Ziba. The name is shorter and simpler. But the concept is still the same. Ziba still aligns itself with natural and holistic approaches to beauty. The reason I’m dropping the “By Nature” part is because it’s such a mouthful. Simplicity is beautiful. So plain and simple Ziba it is.

2) The Blog and the Boutique Are Separating. The blog has evolved and taken a life of its own. I want it to be as independent as possible from the commercial aspects of the Boutique. The blog is not a space for selling products. Instead, it’s a space to learn, explore and expand our ideas about Beauty and the role that Beauty plays in our lives. So when the new year begins, the blog and the boutique are going to have separate addresses.

3) New Design and Layout. Both the blog and the boutique are getting makeovers! This is something I’ve been working on. And I hope you will like it. Let’s just say for now that the new blog design will have more color than the current design 😉

So stay tuned folks! Ziba is evolving!

“Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.”

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Changes For Ziba!

  1. The Girls On Fire

    Good News !! So cool !! Moi aussi j’ai fais des essais pour changer le design de mon blog mais je suis nulle !
    Les essais ne sont pas top donc, je le travaille encore !
    J’ai hâte de voir tous ces changements !!
    Vas-tu écrire en français pour améliorer ton français ?! ;D
    Bizzz et à très vite pour ton new blog Ziba !!

    1. kareen

      Moi ce que je fais, je fais d’abord le design sur Photoshop. Mais après, je vais chercher un vrai web développeur qui pourra m’aider à programmer. Si tu prépares d’abord une esquisse de ce que tu veux, ça facilite le travail car après tu peux trouver quelqu’un qui peut le transformer en un véritable site web. Je vais au freelancer.com (bientôt, je crois qu’il y aura freelancer.fr). Mais on peux aussi trouver les graphistes sur le site. J’espère que ça te donneras quelques idées. A bientôt! Bisou <3


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