So Begins My Fall Detox

October 21, 2012

We are used to the idea of spring cleaning and doing detoxes in the spring time. Spring is, after all, the season for renewal and rejuvenation. But doing a cleanse in the fall? I think it also makes perfect sense. Fall is another transitional season. It is a time to slow down, bring the attention inward, and prepare the mind and the body for the colder, busier and festive times ahead.

Tomorrow begins my one week cleanse. No rich meats, no refined sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no alcohol, and no caffeine. Just lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, gluten free-grains, some fish, lots of lemon water and green tea. I will also be doing yoga and meditative sessions every day. And I will be doing something I have never ever done before… I am going to fast. Yeah, I know. One day of fasting is not that crazy. But still, I mentally have to prepare myself for it.

This is not meant to be the type of dramatic cleanse that will put the body into shock. Rather, it will be a gentle cleanse aimed to help support my cleansing systems, especially the liver which is often overloaded with the task of removing toxins from the body.

I am also going to be limiting the time that I spend on the computer, so I will wait until the end of my cleanse to write about it. However, I will be twittering regularly about my cleanse, so you can keep up with me @ZibaByNature.

If you are considering taking the time out to reset your mind and your body, then I encourage you to read this article on Season of Change, Ayurveda Detox from Yoga Journal. It will help give you a better grasp on the importance of doing a gentle, fall detox and ideas on how to go about it.

Wish me du courage, my dears!

Close your eyes and you will see clearly.
Cease to listen and you will hear truth.
Be silent and your heart will sing.
Seek no contact and you will find union.
Be still and you will move on the tide of the spirit.
Be gentle and you will need no strength.
Be patient and you will achieve all things.
Be humble and you will remain entire.
– Taoist Poem

2 thoughts on “So Begins My Fall Detox

  1. Rolah

    How I wish I had the time and strength to do a cleanse, my body and mind really need one now.. Can’t wait to hear about your results! GOOD LUCK!

    1. kareen

      Thanks Rolah! I’ve waited for this week, when my schedule would be more free and flexible. Doing a cleanse is so time consuming! You have to cook food from fresh ingredients pretty much the entire time. I will definitely be writing about the results. Also, I’m going to make a downloadable comprehensive guide to a 7-day detox with tips, examples for a menu plan and recipes! 🙂


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