**CLOSED** Free Giveway!! Skin Care by Lady Green

September 13, 2012

If you’ve been following our coverage of the Beyond Beauty Trade Expo in Paris, then you’ll recognize the name Lady Green. It is one of the fresh new names in cosmetics which launched at this year’s Beyond Beauty Trade Expo. Lady Green is an organic skin care brand that’s designed exclusively for young girls between ages 12 and 25. It’s sparkling debut as a “Participative Brand” involved the help of more than 200 young girls in picking the brand’s vibrant design, creamy texture and fruity scent. During the Expo, I had the chance to speak to Lady Green Founder, Virginie Vinet, who proudly asserts that not only are Lady Green products pretty and fun, they are also very good at cleaning and caring for young girls’ skin.

Lady Green

If you want to learn more about Lady Green and their products, visit their site at http://www.lady-green.com/en/

The Prize

Ziba’s Giveaway includes three products from Lady Green:

1) Rituel PuretΓ© Cleansing Foam – made of aloe vera, moringa and lemon to purify, tone and refresh your skin.

2) Anti-Blemish Gel Pen – made of aloe vera, neem and burdock to correct and soothe blemishes.

3) Lip Care Gloss – made of jojoba and cocoa butter to repair and protect your lips.

To Enter the Contest

It’s pretty straightforward. You just have to do 2 things:

1) Like us on FacebookΒ or Follow us on Twitter.

2) Comment on the following (using the comment section below): If you were the creator and designer of your own skin care brand, what would be the name of your brand? And what would be your brand’s special feature? For example, during the Beauty Expo, we saw how some brands used apples, bananas and even snail slime (yup, snail slime) as their products’ special ingredient. So what special ingredient would you use to make your skin care brand unique and effective? Please keep your answers short using five sentences or less.

Β That’s it! The winner will be announced one week from now. So put on your creative cap =)

**UPDATE 9/21**

This Giveaway is CLOSED. Thanks everyone for all your great ideas!! I was intrigued by so many of the ideas presented on here. Some were way more imaginative than I could have expected. I wish I could pick numerous winners, but the limited availability of the prize means I had to narrow down my selection to just one.

So the winner of the Lady Green Skin Care Giveaway Prize goes to…. Amy Zak!! Whose brand would be called “Double Take Beauty” and feature dual purposes (cosmetic and cleansing) as well as contrasting ingredients of light and dark, like lavender and night jasmine. What a cool concept!

Thanks again to everyone for your great ideas and all the follows on Facebook and Twitter. I hope you will continue to check in from time to time on Ziba’s website to learn about beauty and skin care tips, organic skin care products and future giveaways.

Naturally yours,



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94 thoughts on “**CLOSED** Free Giveway!! Skin Care by Lady Green

  1. Juliette


    If I had my own skincare brand it would be called ‘Naked’ and the entire product range would be free from any harmful chemicals. The products will NOT be tested on animals. I think the best seller would be a beautifying mist, it would moisturize both the face and the body and leave you with an amazingly soft skin. I was thinking that fairy dust could be the main ingredient…

    If you can make this happen, get in touch! πŸ˜€


  2. Tiffany I

    I always loved how if I touched a butterfly wing, a pretty dust” would come off on my finger. I have often thought that would be a neat type of eyeshadow. NOT from live butterflies, of course!

  3. Sue Bunting

    If I had my own skincare line I would call it EbonyRose, I would only use all natural ingredients, and NO animal testing.

  4. Amy Z

    I would name it “Double Take Beauty,” and it would feature dual cosmetic and cleansing products. I.e., products that work together, or are dual-sided. It would also have a lot of contrasting ingredients – light and dark. So, an example would be lavender and night jasmine!

  5. wildflowermother@yahoo.com

    If I had ny own line I would call it “Sinless” because it would be free of animal products, chemicals, artifical ingredients, preservative free and not tested on animals.It would contain pure oxygen, water and pure ingredients.

  6. Kristie D.

    Like you on Facebook. Kristie Morrison Donelson. I would name my brand No Fuss. The special feature would be speedy products and things that do double duty or even triple duty. Hardly any work! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  7. April

    I would call my product brand Fresh because it would be all natural ingredients. My special ingredient would be tea tree oil because I love how it makes my skin feel !

  8. dani marie

    twitter @xferriza2

    wow that is a good question. I would call the brand simplicity. no chemicals, and minimum amount of ingredients to get the job done. less is more.

  9. maria elena

    im not sure what i would call it, but i would have peppermint oil in it… not that peppermint is a super secret ingredient, but i LOOOVE peppermint scented soap =] and i would prolly use all organic ingredients =]

  10. Jennifer M.

    If I had my own skin care line I would call it Jen’s botanicals and it would feature emu oil as a base with various organic essential oils lavender and camomile for relaxation, and other group would be more energizing featuring peppermint, eucaliptus and maybe citrus scents.

  11. amanda lilly

    Tough one I would call it miracle Fix . I would have tea tree oil in it along with other goodies! It would leave your skin soft and glowing!

  12. Crystal Guidroz

    It would be called Luna. I would like itvto be all natural, organic, and based with fruits, oils, and products found in nature.

  13. Mya Murphy

    I am a fellow twitterer!!!

    If I had my own brand, I would name it Bearly There…
    My seizure alert dog is named Bear, and he’s my everything… He protects me in very single way..
    On that note, Bearly there would also be a skin protector, lightly scented, and doesn’t make skin feel oily in any way. It would also protect you from uv rays from the sun…

  14. Sarah

    I have actually dreamed of starting my own soap/body care line. It would be called “Clean Conscience” because it would be ethically made and eco-friendly!

  15. Savannah Miller

    Liked on facebook savannah miller

    I would use honey as my special ingredient. I’m horrible at coming up with names lol so I would just call it Savannah’s Honey suckle boutique. I know not very creative but its the best I can come up with πŸ™‚
    Thank u for the great contest πŸ™‚

  16. Ash Johnson

    Follow on twitter (@twotil). I would do nail polish and call it Millie’s Manis. It would be free of all the bad stuff most nail polishes have it them and come in tons of fun colors.

  17. Kemberley Crosswhite

    i would call my beauty line Emerald! b/c green is my favorite color. and we would specialize in exfoliation πŸ™‚

  18. jamie tucker

    i would call my brand “Be A Skinista” my special ingrediants I would make it all organic something with coconut oil, the less ingrediants the better as i have sensitive skin as well. it would have exfoliaters in it that burst with vitamin e oil.

    following on FB jamie tucker

    tuckersaver at hotmail dot com

  19. Amber Laughard

    I’d name it Simply youthful, and it would hid all the wrinkles somehow using sugar.. Cause I love it <3 Like and Follow~~

  20. Jennifer Madigan

    I follow on Twitter.

    As far as my own brand I would say Water would be the name. It’s as pure as water but cleanses and moisturizes as well as anything.

  21. Theresa

    If I had a skincare line I would call it “Pure”… it would contain all natural ingredients and there would be NO animal testing!!

  22. Jennifer Peaslee

    I liked your FB page. If I had a skin-care brand it would be called Jen-tle (for my name, lol). The special feature is that it would be that it would be natural and non-irritating on skin from babies to adults. Usually a ‘sensitive skin’ sort of brand is advertised as no fragrance, but in addition to the no-fragrance options, I would want to offer light and pleasing scents that are natural and wont irritate skin. Thanks for the fun giveaway πŸ™‚ jenniferpeaslee at gmail dot com

  23. Blessie Nelson

    If I had a skin brand, I would call it EMBRACE YOURSELF. My secret ingredient would be turmeric and sandalwood which have high anti-tanning and antioxidant properties and are great for deep tan prone skins! So ssssh…this secret stays between us πŸ™‚

  24. Sam Stamp

    My brand would be called Pizazz or something just as awesome and my secret ingredient would include fruit extracts I love fruit smells!! NO perfumey flora stuff for my brand!

    followed you on facebook: Sam Stamp


  25. Stephanie Linza

    I would call it Twinsies in honor of my kids and I would make it specifically for moms to deal with the beauty issues mom have most often (bags under eyes etc)

  26. Jenne

    Lush Rush
    I would want all products to be natural and organic with sweet light scents. I would want everything to feel luxurious like creamy lotions. I think I would want to feature a unique ingredient in every product like goats milk.
    Liked you on FB.

  27. Sarah Yurga

    Like on Facebook. My skin care line would be called Stressed Out Mama. It would have ingredients in the night face wash like lavender that would relax mothers and allow them to get maximum rest.

  28. Georgiana O.

    I would name my brand agape4gigi (this means unconditional love for Gigi).
    The special feature would be scents like lavender, or jasmine or peppermint.

  29. Sue Hull

    If I had a skin care company it’s name would be tiger. It would get the roughness out of your skin and make it as soft as a tiger’s fur.Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  30. jboyanto@swbell.net

    My line would be called Simply Young and be very light and contain natural, non-damaging ingredients.

    jboyanto at swbell dot net

  31. Laurie Emerson

    If I had my own brand it would be called Compassion. No product would come from testing on animals or contain any harmful ingredients to a person or the environment. Everything would be natural just like the person who wears it.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  32. caarol y l

    Mine would be called Tropical Breeze and it would have all natural ingredients but especially coconut oil. I use coconut oil for my skin and hair and it is lovely.

  33. susan smoaks

    I follow Ziba by Nature on twitter @fdp4life

    if i created and designed my own skin care brand, i would call it pure and it’s special feature would be natural pure ingredients!

  34. Amanda

    I like you on FB.

    If I were the creator and designer of my own skin care brand, I might name it Ceili Skincare (after my daughter). My brand’s special feature would be that it would be all natural.

  35. Trudy Z

    If I had my own skin care line I would call it Kali Lilly after part of my daughter’s first name, her favorite flower and I would donate a portion of every sale to ovarian cancer research in honor of her current fight with this horrible disease.

  36. Alisha L.

    I think my company would be called Little Indians! Our feature would be using locally sourced ingredients πŸ™‚

    bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  37. Jennifer B.

    My skincare line would be call Jenerous. You would be able to use the cleanser and moisturizer together to make your skin soft and clear.

    I follow you on Twitter @fangirljen


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