When It Comes to Grooming, Guys Don’t Care. But They Really Do.

August 26, 2012

For whatever reason, the word grooming is somehow more acceptable for men than calling it a beauty routine. Nevermind that it’s the same word you use for cleaning and brushing dogs and horses. Whether you call it ‘preening,’ ‘primping,’ ‘sprucing up’ or ‘spiffing up,’ the desired effect is the same: to look good. Yet, when it comes to looking good, the majority of guys still don’t want to look like they want to look good.

So for the men who don’t want to admit that they give a fig over their looks, but would like to learn a thing or two about self-care, here’s a bit of help from other guys who’ve embraced a comfortable approach to manliness and looking good.

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Keeping a Regular Grooming and Hygiene Routine 
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Top 10 Anti-Ageing Commandments
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How To Groom Your Own Eyebrows
How To Fade Dark Circles (& Iron Out Some Wrinkles!)

5 Rules For Rocking the Scruff 
How To Maintain Your Scruff (Video)
6 Ways To Workout At Your Desk And Not Appear Creepy

p.s. While perusing these articles, feel free to hover your mouse over the ‘X’ button in case someone walks in and sees what you’re reading.

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