3 Stylish and Sensible Ways to Protect Yourself Against the Sun

August 23, 2012

Dear Ziba Readers,

For great healthy skin, it is absolutely imperative to protect yourself from the sun! (And to stop smoking.)

You can count on me to continue drilling this message into your brain long after you’re sick of hearing me say it. In fact, I’ve been repeatedly chiming this same tune to my friends. To which one of them responded by sending me this article on the ‘Face-Kini,’ a new type of swimwear that’s becoming increasingly popular among Chinese beach-goers who want to protect their faces from the sun.

While the idea behind a “Face Bikini” is sensible enough, the resulting look is ridiculously terrifying! Picture ski-masks worn by bank robbers. Except in brighter colors, leopard prints and on the beach.

The subject of alternatives to chemical sunblocks, however, has been something that I’ve been deliberating. For me, applying sunblock on a daily basis can be annoying for a couple of reasons. For one, they can make your skin look clownish white and feel greasy throughout the day.  Second, they can contain chemical preservatives which may be harmful to our health. And third, chemical sunscreens/sunblocks are not as effective at blocking the damaging rays of the sun as physical sunblocks like hats. Or for those “bankrobber couture” enthusiasts, the face-kini.

So, in light of my discovering the existence of the face-kini, I am inspired to share with you 3 Alternative Ideas On Stylish and Sensible Ways to Protect Yourself Against The Sun

1.) Big brimmed hats

Johnny Depp, while not exactly the model advocate of skincare, knows how to make use of hats.

2.) The Parasol

The parasol which literally means "for the sun," needs to become fashionable again. Image from penelopeparasols.com

3.) Headscarves

Examples of elegant women who have been known to sport head scarves: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama


As Opposed To This…

The Face-Kini


What do you think? Would you be willing to wear hats more frequently, carry around a parasol, tie a headscarf around your face, or dare I say it, even wear a Face-Kini for the sake of beauty and skin health? 

6 thoughts on “3 Stylish and Sensible Ways to Protect Yourself Against the Sun

  1. Emilia

    Extremely extreme: from Johnny Depp to… I don’t even know – the ladies’ volley ball luchas libres? I like your point though – handy accessories.

    1. kareen

      Hahaha, ladies’ volleyball luchas libres! That’s awesome, you win the “Add A Caption To This Picture” contest.

  2. Kevin

    Typical unfair portrayal, Kareen. three photos of sexy people wearing hats, parasols, and headscarves, and then a not-so-sexy photo of aforementioned lucha libre/face-kini wearers. I think a sexy person could rock face-kinis equally well as Random Naked White Girl in Photo 2. Clever trick, but you won’t fool me this time. I’ll take a face-kini please, as well as a martini, shaken, not stirred. And I will look damn sexy while doing so.

    1. kareen

      You know what Kevin? You’re right. While I was choosing which photos to put up, I did notice there was a disproportionate amount of beautiful white people in the photos. But in my defense, I did use a photo of a guy for the sake of diversity. I also used “japanese parasols” as an image search term. Oh, and I now know what to get you for Christmas.

  3. Ali Harriman

    Dear lord! I knew Asian women take porcelin skin seriously, but good golly! I look stupid in hats and scarves, while a favourite accessory of mine, don’t really protect your face unless you wrap it around Middle Eastern style.

    So I’m all for the return of the parasol. When I lived in Vancouver, I saw numerous Asian women employing them as sun protection.


    1. Kareen

      I’m sure you just haven’t found the right hat yet! I’ve gone into a few hatteries here and tried on many hats, but the only one that I found that suits me was a cheapy kind of hat which I bought off the street from a kid who I had to bargain with. And the scarf, sometimes I hold it above my head and let it trail behind me like a cape. I know how silly it must look. Yeah, bring back the parasols! I would definitely use a parasol 🙂


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