Cattier Pink Clay Mask (For Sensitive Skin)

August 5, 2012

Facial masks are useful for maintaining healthy, youthful skin. There are many types of masks, and depending on what they’re made of, they can help to tighten and tone the skin, draw out oil and impurities, reduce the appearance of blemishes, and nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been using Cattier’s Pink Clay Mask For Sensitive Skin. And I must say, I’ve been quite happy with the results!

Cattier Pink Clay Mask with Aloe Vera (For Sensitive Skin) $6.40

Cattier’s Pink Clay Mask ingredients include: Kaolin (pink clay), water, mint extract, shea butter, aloe leaf extract.

Cattier is a French natural and organic cosmetics brand that can be found commonly in Europe but is just beginning to garner some notice across the Atlantic. What drew me to this particular product is the combination of pink clay and aloe vera, which seems perfectly suited for sensitive skin. Now normally, my skin is… well, normal. But a recent heat wave has irritated the skin on my cheeks, so I decided to go with a pink clay mask that’s great for sensitive skin.

Pink clay is made by mixing red and white clays. It does not draw out oils from the skin which makes it suited for sensitive & dry skin. Pink clay is also great for other skin types. It’s useful for firming and toning tired, dull and de-vitalized skin. It has excellent cleansing properties, helps refine skin texture and provides hydration.

Applying the mask.

When applying the mask, my first mistake was putting it on wet skin. The mask definitely needs to be applied to skin that’s already been washed and patted dry with a towel. My second mistake was getting a bit of the clay around my eye, which is a very delicate skin area. Fortunately, nothing tragic happened. I just realized I’m kind of clumsy when it comes to putting on cosmetic products.

So. As you can see, the pink clay begins to take on a whitish color. That means it’s doing its work! While the mask dries, the skin feels tight yet malleable. As for the scent, it’s nicely subtle with flowery undertones (that’s the fragrance in the ingredients). I left the mask on for ten minutes as indicated in the directions, then rinsed it off with warm water.

The results.

  • A few minutes after use, the skin feels very smooth and tight.
  • A few hours later, the skin looks glowy.
  • After a day or so, the appearance of spots and blemishes are noticeably diminished.

Plus: Apart from the mask’s great effects on my skin, I like the fact that 99.3% of the ingredients are natural, with 10.1% of the natural ingredients coming from organic farming.

Downside: Fragrance in the ingredients. While the words fragrance and perfume may not necessarily mean synthetic chemicals, it would be nice if Cattier disclosed the source of the fragrance.

Where to find Cattier Pink Clay Mask with Aloe Vera (For Sensitive Skin): On Also, you can read about it on Cattier’s Official Website.

How much:  ~ $6.40

2 thoughts on “Cattier Pink Clay Mask (For Sensitive Skin)

  1. Heather Rose

    Thanks for reviewing this in English! I found you through this product. my search was… I was on a Birchbox video which lead me to joliebox video to this cattier pink clay mask! What did you think of this product? I have super sensitive asian girl skin with redness hyperpigmentation combo oily acne with bad reactions to most unnatural skin products. I wish I knew about this product before I visited Paris a few years ago so I could try it out. would it be possible to put it on your ziba store? I know it is pretty cheap too at least in drugstores there I looked at online. I looked on amazon and it is not available. You are awesome… keep up the great work! 😀

    1. Kareen

      I’m so glad you found my site through my review of this product! Yay!

      Okay, so I actually found this clay mask through a review that I read from a french beauty blogger who has sensitive skin. And she said that this was a mask that worked really well for her sensitive skin. My skin is normal/dry combination, but sometimes it does get hot, flushed and sensitive. So this mask works well for me during those times.

      I hadn’t considered adding Cattier Clay mask to the Ziba shop, but now I will since you mentioned it! I also just recently did a review of a natural and organic face mask by Oliv’ (another french brand). And their products are truly ABOVE AND BEYOND. I mean, WOW. But they’re quite pricey, even for me. I only got them because I jumped on a 50% promo. Still, I would love to add Oliv’ products to my shop if I see some interest from people who want to buy them.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I really appreciate the feedback!! 😀


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