Beauty from Within

Cultivating Beauty from Within

July 29, 2012

Everyone has an idea of what beauty may be.

If, for example, we were to play a little game where people jot down the first thing that comes to mind immediately after I say the word ‘Beauty’, it would be interesting to see what everyone comes up with.

We would probably notice that most people have a different thing or person written down. Perhaps the names of flowers, or celebrities or perhaps even more abstract things such as music and love.

But how many people would have the word ‘Me’ instinctively associated with the word ‘Beauty’?

My guess is very few. Or none at all.

My aim is not to encourage narcism in people. In fact, narcism is quite contrary to this idea of healthy self-love which we have every right to exercise.

This type of beauty I’m talking about starts from within, and extends and radiates outwards.

When we are able to recognize beauty first in ourselves, then we are able to truly appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

Beauty from Within

(Photo by Tatiana Kurnosova Photography – Used With Permission)

So how do we begin to cultivate beauty from within? We can start by practicing these three habits:

1) Stop comparing.

If you are looking at something or someone and you start to feel yourself making comparisons, STOP IT.

What is the point of making comparisons? Ok, so you feel some smug satisfaction when you see that you are skinnier, more muscular, more hipster than someone else. But that judgmental smugness is in itself quite ugly. And very quickly replaced with green envy when you see someone who is skinnier/buffer/cooler than you.

Comparisons are mental, they make people sick. So stop making comparisons and stop being sick.

2) Believe that you are beautiful. As you are.

Magazines, tv and all other forms of media are NOT the authority of what is beautiful. They foster very rigid and impossible standards of beauty.

A lot of the faces and bodies that we see in magazines and publicities today have been photoshopped and if you compare yourself to these artificial images you are going to feel very crappy about yourself indeed.

Peacefully dismiss the idea that there is a perfect image of beauty to be sought.

True beauty is not limited to physical appearance. In fact, physical appearance plays a very minor role as to what constitutes true beauty.

There is so much to beauty than looks.

Beauty encompasses nobility of character, kindness, compassion, a confident attitude, originality, all your quirky little imperfections and so much more.

3) Gratitude.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus instead on everything that you do have. And be thankful for them!

Instead of focusing on how flabby your arms are, be thankful you have arms to hug your loved ones with.

Instead of focusing on how big or small your nose may be, be thankful you have a nose to smell the delicious smell of the coffee and cake that you’re having.

Be thankful for a mouth to smile with, and eyes with which to see the sun rise, and ears to hear the sound of waves.

Every day, life presents us with so many moments of beauty. And gratitude is the key that leaves us open to all the beauty and joys that life has to offer.

These habits are not developed overnight. They require time, consistency and above all, lots of patience.

Although they may sound “hippy dippy,” they do work and practicing them is essential if we are to experience true beauty in our lives.
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5 thoughts on “Cultivating Beauty from Within

    1. kareen

      I myself haven’t mastered these habits, so it serves as a reminder for me too. Thank you, Rolah! And I really appreciate the follow too.

  1. Nico

    comparison is a touph one and i often ask myself how do i do that or become close to that. “beauty” i suppose i am. i accept the flaws of me that i call out faster then someone can say. But my question to you is, is it a bad thing to find the things that interest me and ask myself how can i improve my skills and impression as good as the guy i see who does it better then me ? kind of the same question as ” how do i do that?” i know it doesnt all the way sound bad but it is very close to envy… and that i know is as close to as ‘comparing’.

    1. kareen

      Hey Nick, I get what you’re saying. It’s important to be able to look at others, appreciate their strong points and draw inspiration from that. It’s not a bad thing, and I don’t see this as envy. But at the same time, it’s important to do so with the understanding that that person is not better than you just because they have something that you don’t have. And vice-versa, you’re not better because you have something they don’t have. Even as you admire others it’s important to maintain your own sense of self. In other words, you shouldn’t aspire to be exactly like someone because it will never happen. Everyone is unique. And no one could ever be exactly like you either. Having this full awareness, appreciation and security about your own individuality is incredibly important but very difficult for a lot of people. Hope this helps to answer your question =)

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